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Third Party Cookies

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2016 08:33PM UTC

Third-party cookies are small bits of data created by a different website than the one you're visiting. These cookies are often used by sites to track user data and behavior as you move around the web. Some browsers and plugins limit or disable third-party cookies to prevent this type of tracking.

Wallit uses cookies to keep track of information directly related to your account. This helps us make sure that when you log into your Wallit account at our partner sites you receive the access you rightfully deserve.

For Wallit and our partner sites to work for you, we ask that you allow third party cookies. Most browsers will allow you to fine tune your settings so that you will be able to only allow third-party cookies on specific sites and keep the third-party cookies disabled for the rest of your browsing experiences. For example in Safari, you can choose 'Allow from websites I visit'.

The following list of common browsers includes links to support pages detailing how to update your browser settings to allow third party cookies:




Internet Explorer



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